Handling relationships are so tough. They are so unpredictable, you never know what strikes next. This has probably got to do with my own personality. I never like going for things where I am uncertain about the outcome. I mean, I will never know the outcome of something fully but at least I have a rough idea how most things I choose to do will turn out. But relationships… Nothing is ever certain, the amount of effort you put in might always come to nought. It tires you out after a period of time and you just wish that you are already living in Happily Ever After. You can always plan your steps in a job or project but you can never plan your next step in handling relationships. Which is why its so tough, so tough to handle relationships. Its also difficult to understand another fully. Your image of the person may always be totally different from who they really are. You can only form the impression of the thoughts through their speech and body language. In short, you have to guess what the other person is thinking and that is tough. Its tough to decipher a person’s thoughts from their speech and body language and therefore relationships are tough. How do you develop trust for someone you just met and then proceed on to sharing your inner thoughts. That I feel is really tough and hence, relationships are tough.


Its not a secret identity just a double identity. But I love it! I love how i can be that ditzy bimbo on weekends and that boring plain jane on weekdays.

I love how i get to be pampered and feel pretty in my double identity even though it lasts only during the weekends. I love how i get to return to my plain old self on weekdays even though life then is pretty boring.

I never thought i would have that much fun with this double identity of mine. That playful and cheeky ditzy bimbo i get to be on weekends. Yet on weekdays i revert to being a boring mature dream chaser which is so inspiringly boring.

But! Its fun! When im tired of being a bimbo, i go back to being plain jane. When im tired of being plain jane, i get to unleash my inner bimbo. I LOVE IT!



There are only advantages to being pretty.




NY Times: Pre-Flight Coat Check

I have a new illustration in today’s NY Times. This was for a column on a new service airlines are offering for passengers traveling to warmer climes. (You can read the story here: NY Times.) Thanks to Bob Goetz for the assignment!

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Wish I was born shorter.
Wish I was borned with a nice figure that wouldn’t go out of shape.
Wish I was born with a nice face.
Wish I was born pretty.
Wish I was born with a trail of suitors.
Wish I was born loved by others.
Wish I was born satisfied with myself.


Call me the Aviation geek for all you want. There’s just something about the sky and aircrafts that make me go all geeky over it. To the point that if people without the same passion as me stays in the same field I have this overwhelming urge to ask them to get lost! 

The sky, just by looking at it brings peace and tranquillity to me. The azure blue with fluffy white clouds sometimes forming a white field and not to forget the sun rays that form a beautiful golden outline or also known as a silver lining on each and every cloud. Simply spectacular. 

Being the geek that I am, I can’t stand it when others insults my dreams of getting closer to the sky. Its my dream to fly. My dream to get as close as possible to the sky. Its their choice to remain grounded but for me I know the sky is where I want to be.


"For you, the sky is the limit. For me, its home."

Photo Set


So immensly inspired by this interior of Adam Pogue’s Loft. Featured on Old Brand New.

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"I suffer from my own defeat more than what other undermine."


I really wanna call time out! Its the holidays yet i’m heading back to school almost everyday. I’m so blardy tired. So stressed up with competition stuff somemore. So pissed off by the autocratic queen. Yet still have to slog my guts out for the project.

Band is fun but its sucking my life force out too. Camps are a real joy but the prepatory work piles up.

I just want a day off. Sleeping till i wake up naturally, lazing around the house, baking, cooking and watching drama. That’s what a holiday should be like! Everything, please PAUSE!